Umesh Nandkumar PHD


Pastor: Leichelle “ Indira

Dr. Umesh Nandkumar is the Founder & President of New Beginning Ministries International and Umesh Nandkumar Empowerment Association He is active in following attributes and has dedicated his life over to the empowerment of his community based upon principles of faith, as has committed many years into his obligation and has received the following credentials towards his efforts:
  (Honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy) 


Pastor Umesh Nandkumar migrated to the United States at a young age; establishing himself in the Corporate Business World by 1986. Later to accept the call of God in 1998 into Ministry.
Pastor Umesh can best be described as a man with a great passion for the Word of God, with a love for people and a contagious spirit of generosity.
As an Ambassador for Christ - God is using Dr. Nandkumar in a miraculous way, making a difference in the lives of many people. Teaching the Word; building up believers; equipping and empowering the Five-Fold Ministry Leaders to reach the nations.

As part of his preparation for ministry, Dr. Umesh Nandkumar has completed various studies.
He also spent four years in bible Deliverance Teachings under the ministry of Rev. Dr. Reginald Anthony Wong. Likewise, two years of Discipleship Series.

Dr. Nandkumar has and continues to offer education to individuals and prospective communities at large in Queens, New York consisting of but not limited to, multiple teachings and training as allowed:
1)    Seminars
2)    Conferences
3)    Teachings
4)    Ordination and Graduation as well as Commission of Assignment to prospective areas of need according to the needs of each given community.

Educational aspect includes, but not limited to, introduction to certain economic and social adjustments such as:
1)    Poverty
2)    Recession
3)    Social Equalization
4)    Personal Growth and Empowerment
5)    Community empowerment

These will prepare and equip individuals to become an asset and not a liability to their own homes as well as communities throughout the nation regarding church/faith and/or community organizations.
Teachings and counsel/guidance will be orchestrated by Umesh Nandkumar Empowerment Association.

Dr. Umesh Nandkumar was appointed as Ambassador at Large and later became Dean of Chaplaincy (WORLDWIDE) for Covenant International University.
(CIU) is affiliated with the United Nations. CIU is one of the largest private non-profit University in the nation, and one of the largest Christian University in the world.


Pastor Leichelle Nandkumar


Pastor Leichelle Nandkumar is the Pastor of New Beginning Ministries
international in New York together with Her Husband Apostle: Umesh Nandkumar

Pastor Leichelle Nandkumar is also the President of the Women’s Ministries
called’ Hannah’s Prayers for New Beginning Ministries International. Pastor Leichelle Nandkumar had been born again over 20 years ago and later accept the call of God into Ministry with her husband. Pastor Indira can best be described as a woman with a great passion for the Word of God; with a love for God’s people.




Apostle Dorothy Davis is the OVERSEER of New Beginning Ministries International 
and has now joined New Beginning Ministries International to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Nations 
"  God is the ultimate builder. He built or created the universe"




Rev. Dr. Umesh Nandkumar is the Pastor and Overseer of 

Steven Lazar and Prophetess Joyce Lazar.

Evangelist Steven Lazar  and  Prophetess Joyce Lazar

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