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1- You are an amazing man of GOD, you are beautiful inside and out. you are compassionate, honest and a kind MAN, I celebrate you, May God continue to bless you REV. Amen, Sister Megan!

2- From Sister Illona Sam Amen Apostle I know you are a great man of God. God blessings will always flow in your life.


3- Hi Pastor Umesh, My husband is a Pastor, he watches you every Sunday, he loves your Preaching, you are so humble and you put God first and not Titles. We will come to visit your church soon - sister Debra.


4-Rev. Umesh, Sharon told me that Sam's brain tumor shrink, he when to the doctor today - thanks for all your prayers! Jen

5-Testimony “ from sister Cherry “Good morning Pastor how are you? I know you have been praying a lot for my ex and you said he will see. It came to pass. He is seeing. Thank you for all your prayers and thank God for the blood of Jesus. God bless you richly., our God is great.


6-Good morning Pastor, thanks for your prayer, I woke up this morning free all my burdens are gone. I woke up singing, I am a friend of God He put a song in my heart. Thank You Jesus.- Sister Rose!




8-My Pastor thank you for your prayer, my sister when to the doctor yesterday, no cancer was found, Praise God, see you in the church Tuesday - sister Cherry


9-Thank you Dr. Umesh for appointed me as a Worldwide chaplain, I can now share the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord in my country Pakistan, I am not afraid of anyone - Br. Khan.


10-Hey Rev. Omesh, I am a Muslim, lately, I been watching you every Sunday and loving it, I love your Jesus, I am now questioning who is Allah, I believe Jesus have one more room for me ... Keep up the Good work Pastor Omesh, - Bibi from Pakistan.


11- Good morning
Pastor, how are you? Just came from the doctor. Medical is perfect. God bless you my Pastor for all your prayers — sister Cherry!


12-Hello Dr. Umesh Deacon Blackwood said thank u. His daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy this morning. Sister Tanya!


13-Gm Dr. Umesh how are you and your family. Thank God for the prayers of the saints. Just got the results of the bone marrow test and only one of the markers is positive. Which according to the Dr is good news. It will not lead to cancer, God bless you for all your prayers, sis. Danielle!


14-Hello pastor Umesh how are you? I really want to say thanks so much for your prayers no matter how busy your day was u was there to pray for me when I was in the USA I just want to tell you your prayers was great as the lord is doing great things in my life God is using me now to lay hands and pray for others in my brother apostle Deo Narine ministry I love you guys god bless your ministry. Thank you, pastor Umesh- Sister Tage.


15-SIR, My Pastor Umesh ! You are a blessing to this generation and I pray the God will uphold for exploit and His grace will keep you.- Br. David .

16 -Thank you Pastor for all the prayers for my family and myself. I appreciate all of it. Just knowing you always lift us up in prayers is a great feelings and assurance in the mighty name of Jesus that we are blessed and highly favored by God. Thank you so much even though we are not there sometimes you always remember to lift up your members in prayers. It's an honor to have a precious Pastor. Pastor Umesh Nan Kumar. God bless your family and you always. And keep you all in the cleft of his hands and as the apple of his eyes always. Anoint you, strengthen you and give you the courage to go from day to day in the mighty name of the name that is above every other name. Jesus. God bless you and keep you safe always. Thanks a million.

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